5 ways proper home insulation can make your home more comfortable

Summer can be the most uncomfortable season in your home. Insufficient insulation is the main cause of that discomfort for many homeowners. According to Energy Star, 90% of American homes are under-insulated. Because of this epidemic, Energy Star has launched the Rule Your Attic! initiative.  Hoosier Indoor Air is proud to take part in this initiative. We provide insulation services for our customers to help them save money year round. Below are the 5 ways adding insulation to your attic can help make your home more comfortable.

  1. Reduced noise from outside.
  2. Less pollen, dust and insects (or pests) entering your home.
  3. Better humidity control.
  4. Lower chance for ice dams on the roof/eaves in snowy climates.
  5. Lastly, what is more comfortable that more money in your pocket? Added insulation in your attic can save you money on your energy bill.

So more insulation sounds great, but how do you know if you need more insulation? It is pretty easy to measure your current insulation level. Watch this quick video to see how.

Here in Central Indiana, 12 inches of blown insulation is suggested to keep your home at optimal comfort year round. If your home has less than 12 inches of insulation in the attic you should give Hoosier Indoor Air a call. We will come to your home and see how much you could be saving if your home were better insulated.

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