Allergens: They’re Not Just Outside

It’s allergy season and you, like most people, are probably suffering. While many people attribute this to outdoor allergens, there are common indoor allergens that contribute to an already uncomfortable situation. Toxic chemical vapors, germs, and mold in your home left untreated, will constantly circulate throughout your ductwork. So what’s the solution?

The most simple and cost-effective way to reduce these indoor pests is through an In-Duct Air Purifier. This is installed in the ductwork of your central air system and is designed to reduce their effects. We recommend the APCO system if airborne odorschemical vaporsgerms, and mold are a concern.

APCO stands for Advanced Photocatalytic Oxidation. The combination of germicidal UV light and activated carbon cells inside the APCO system make it uniquely effective at reducing volatile organic compounds in the air without producing any harmful ozone. We carry three models:

APCO Standard: Features a 13” Fresh-Aire UV lamp and 6 activated carbon cells.

APCO RT: The same as the APCO Standard, but designed for smaller ducts. Features a 9” Fresh-Aire UV lamp and 4 activated carbon cells.

APCO MAG: This unit uses a powerful magnet and external power supply for internal mounting in the air system. It’s available with 9” or 13” UV lamps.

Your Total Home Comfort is important to us. Contact us today for no-pressure estimates on theAPCO system.

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