Be proactive against the upcoming fall and winter

As we enjoy this lovely end-of-summer weather across Greater Indianapolis, you may find yourself leaving your HVAC system inactive or off completely for stretches of time. Open the windows and take advantage of Mother Nature’s generosity while you can! Like it or not, there are sure signs that colder and harsher temperatures are just around the corner.

That means higher energy bills are on the way, too. Most homeowners are already well aware of a comfort system’s assault on our wallets throughout winter, but you might not know all of our tips and tricks for helping keep heating costs under control this year.

Now — before the weather takes a turn for the worse — is the perfect time to be proactive about cutting your home’s energy expenses. Try these ways to save:

Schedule seasonal maintenance from Hoosier Indoor Air

A 21-point inspection and tune-up from one of our highly trained technicians will ensure your system is working efficiently and effectively, keeping components clean and catching small issues before they become big problems. Enrollment in our Comfort Guard protection plan, just $18 per month, includes two appointments with our experts per year in addition to discounts, priority-customer status and other benefits.

Upgrade to a programmable “smart” thermostat

While we’re there conducting your system’s seasonal maintenance, ask our expert technician about some of the advantages of using a programmable thermostat. With your heating on a customized set schedule, you can reduce energy use while you’re not home and have the ability to control your home’s comfort from anywhere through an internet-connected smartphone app.

Lower the thermostat

Once that fancy — yet so easy to use! — new thermostat is installed, try keeping the temperature stable and as low as you comfortably can. The U.S. Department of Energy says that if you can turn your thermostat down 7-10 degrees from its normal setting for eight hours per day, you could save as much as 10% on your heating costs.

Change your filter!

A clean air filter is the quickest, easiest and cheapest way you can keep your system performing its best all winter. Be sure you’re using the right size and style of filter and changing it as often as recommended by your furnace or filter manufacturer. Unsure how often you should be changing the air filter on your equipment? Ask our technicians! They’ll be happy to help.

Seal those leaky doors and windows

Keep that warm, cozy air inside your home where it belongs and stop your heating system from working harder than it has to! Weather stripping along doors and windows can help tightly seal them, while state-of-the-art energy-efficient windows go the extra mile in keeping your home’s hot air contained.

Check your attic’s insulation

The layer of insulation on your attic floor is a vitally important defense for your family during the cold winter months. If you noticed the highest floor of your home felt noticeably warmer than the rest of your house this past summer, that’s a telltale sign your attic could use more insulation before the rest of the year’s lower temperatures hit.

Reverse your ceiling fans

Using your ceiling fan to help keep warm in the fall and winter may seem counterintuitive, but by running it clockwise at a low speed you’ll push rising warm air back down in your direction, giving your heating system a break and further helping you save on energy bills.

We know saving money on energy bills this fall and winter is important to Central Indiana families. As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer with some of the most energy-efficient systems and products in the industry, plus the attention to detail from our highly trained technicians, Hoosier Indoor Air is ready to help you save while never sacrificing your comfort.

Contact our team today to schedule your free in-home estimate, repair service, seasonal tune-up or more.

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