Why Couples Can Never Agree on a Temperature

controlsthermostats_evol_t6-wem-lgIt’s a common problem in households. He’s burning up, and she’s freezing cold. In over 30 years in business, we’re always getting calls from homeowners saying that their wives are too cold, not to mention, extremely confused as to why he prefers living in shorts 365 days a year. Why can’t couples just agree on a home temperature? 

Well, aside from body size, metabolic rate and gender, the answers lie in your home’s system. But, before we get into the specifics, let’s be very clear. We’re not into body shaming or judging the person who prefers shorts as a wardrobe necessity. Instead, we want to share our perspectives on how having the right heating and cooling system can make all the difference in your household.

It’s a big hot sun

Let’s start with the outside, and move inward. When radiant heat streams around your wife, it feels warm, and it explains why the same temperature can feel cooler in the shade and warmer in the sun. It’s also why she may sometimes feel the need to wear a sweatshirt indoors when the thermostat sits at a balmy 72 degrees. But when she’s outside with considerable moisture in the air and the same temperature, she feels warmer. Given this phenomenon, we recommend investing in a system where you control the amount of moisture. Hoosier Indoor Air has many options available from heat pumps to furnaces with fans, and we would enjoy meeting with you to discuss suitable products.  

The wind beneath her

Airflow also has a way of impacting how she might be feeling because wind can cause her skin to quickly lose heat. That might explain why she might not enjoy being outside, but when considering the design of many modernized homes, it could also be the reason why she’s always feeling cold. The best visual for explaining this idea is to think of the air in your home as having a breeze. That breeze prevents rooms in the house from feeling sticky or stuffy, but it’s essentially making her feel slightly colder than usual.  In these instances, zoned or ductless heating and cooling systems that control the temperature room by room might be a viable option that will help both of you feel more comfortable and at ease.

Geothermal energy

Given today’s emphasis on going green, a geothermal system might be the answer to keeping your wife happy and comfortable. Considering that geothermal systems in the winter pull heat from the ground, and transfer it into the house via a heat exchanger, and throughout the summer takes heat from the house and gives it back to the earth in exchange for cooler air, your home will remain at a more consistent temperature throughout the year. This will keep her feeling warmer, and you’ll be pleased when you start reaping the annual savings.

Simple fixes

If new heating and cooling systems aren’t in your budget, simple things such as space heaters, electric blankets, covering the registers with furniture and window treatments to block out drafts can be temporary resolutions. She may not like the look of plastic on the windows, but when it comes to safely trapping more heat where she needs it most, these inexpensive fixes can help in showing her you care.

So now you know the science behind why your wife is always cold, and some things to think about doing the next time she says, “Honey, it’s too cold.” Of course, we hope when you hear her saying that, you’ll call us first. We’ve been in business over 30 years, and when it comes to making wives happy, comfortable and helping couples across central Indiana find an ideal home temperature, we’ve cornered the market.

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