Dimming Lights & Your Cooling System Start-Up

Do your lights happen to dim when your cooling system starts up? This is caused by an excessive voltage drop when your air conditioning system is starting up. If you have lights that flicker in one particular area of your home, this problem might simply just be a bad light bulb or a poor connection between the light fixture socket and the bulb itself. If this is the case in your home, you should consult a technician and have a total circuit diagnosis performed just in case the conductor is causing problems.

If your lights are flickering every time when your air conditioning unit or heat pump kick in, it is a very common issue to have with larger units. This is because larger units have 100+ Amps in a short period of time when they start up. Here is how you can prevent this from happening in your home in the future:

Talk To A Professional:

Speaking with a local professional electrician is always a very smart first step in the process of preventing this problem. They should have the air conditioning unit wired for maximum ampacity and make sure the wire size and fusing is correct and connections are tight.

Contact Your HVAC Contractor:

Your local HVAC contractor should have a start kit to install on the outdoor unit which can help prevent the issue. At Hoosier Indoor Air, we install a 5/2/1 hard start kit which lengthens the life spam of the compressor and it will in return help save you a lot of money on the start-up of your air conditioning unit.

It is always important to have a certified professional technician look at your home comfort systems to make sure everything is running just as it should. Yearly maintenance check-ups on your system is a great way to prevent further damage and larger repair costs. For your free estimate or to schedule an appointment with Hoosier Indoor Air, give us a call today at (317) 466-7437


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