Meet Hoosier Indoor Air’s Dispatcher: Nikki Boswell

Hoosier Indoor Air is excited to welcome Nikki Boswell to our team!

Nikki Boswell joins our team as our new dispatcher. In her position, Nikki takes on all incoming calls to Hoosier Indoor Air from people in need of help with their heating and cooling systems. 

After getting off the phone, Nikki springs into action, coordinating with our technicians to quickly schedule service appointments so our customers can get their heating and cooling needs taken care of as quickly and easily as possible. 

Being the first voice our customers hear when they call with a problem, Nikki has a very important job. She says it is important that she provides a calm, cool, and reassuring presence for those calling, making customer service a big part of her job. After all, if someone is calling about a broken air conditioner on the hottest day of the year, chances are they aren’t going to be very happy.

Luckily, customer service is Nikki’s specialty. Before joining our team, she worked in a similar dispatch role in HVAC for over six years. Before that, Nikki developed and put her customer service skills to use as a hotel general manager.

“Even though my job can get pretty hectic, it is actually still way less stress than working in a hotel!” Nikki said. “Meeting new people and helping them solve their problems every day is something I genuinely enjoy. It is my favorite part of the job.”

But surprisingly, the calls she gets aren’t always strictly business. Nikki said that some people are just so happy that they are getting their problems taken care of that the call will sometimes switch gears to them wanting to talk about their weekend plans or even their pets!

Although a well-established Hoosier now, Nikki was actually born and raised in farm country in Coloma, Michigan. How rural was her hometown in Michigan? Nikki jokes that when she first moved to Indiana in 1998 she was impressed by the “huge buildings” that were in South Bend, Indiana.

Now living in Noblesville with her husband of eight years, Nikki is a proud mother of three children and two grandchildren. Outside of work, she is currently taking classes at Ivy Tech and pursuing her Associates in Business. 

On the weekends, you are almost assured to find her rooting for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish or her beloved San Francisco 49ers who she, despite living in Colts country, has come to adopt as her favorite team because of her husband’s shared love for the team.

When she isn’t at work, watching her favorite teams, or studying, Nikki’s biggest joy is traveling. The Florida Keys have been one of her favorite places to visit over the years, but she has also enjoyed other wonderful destinations like Mexico and the Bahamas. The top of her “Travel Bucket List” is to someday go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower.

We are thrilled to have Nikki Boswell join our team and are looking forward to you meeting her. If you have a problem with your air conditioner, furnace, or other home comfort system give Nikki here a call! She will be happy to work with you to get your service scheduled and your troubles taken care of as soon as possible.

Call 317.888.9111 to talk to Nikki and schedule your service with Hoosier Indoor Air today!

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