Energy Savings Tips pt. 1

What better month to go green than March? Not only will you be saving on your energy bill each month, but you will be getting in the Saint Patrick’s spirit. This week and next we will outline tips to save you, not only with your heating and cooling system but throughout your home. From Geothermal to adding solar panels, we will compile the best energy saving tips to reduce your monthly costs.

Get an energy-efficient heat pump

Save on your monthly heating bill next winter with a new energy-efficient heat pump. Call us today to learn how much more efficiency we can make your heat pump.

Use the sun to help heat your home

Leave blinds and curtains open during the day to help heat your home. Also, consider solar panels to supplement your energy usage.

Unplug your chargers

When charging your electronic devices be sure to unplug the charge one the device has reached a full charge. Many chargers continuously draw power when plugged in and can be a drain on your electric bill.

Install high-performance windows

With double-glazing and spectrally selective coatings, high-performance windows help give your HVAC a break and save you money in the long run.

Give your AC unit a tune up

Before the harsh winter months, it is a good idea to have the team from Hoosier Indoor Air give your AC a tune up. This will not only ensure you getting the cooling power you need when the first hot days hit, but also ensure your system is running efficiently. If your system is not at peak performance you could lose cooling or end up paying much more than needed to cool your home.

These energy saving tips are a good start but go here to see part 2. Or give us a call to have our team come out and give your home a custom energy inspection.

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