Energy Savings Tips pt. 2

What better month to go green than March? Not only will you be saving on your energy bill each month, but you will be getting in the Saint Patrick’s spirit. This week we continue to outline tips to save you, not only with your heating and cooling system but throughout your home. From Geothermal to adding solar panels, we will compile the best energy saving tips to reduce your monthly costs.

Consider a Geothermal System

Using the natural heat available from the earth, geothermal systems are the most environmentally friendly heating and cooling systems. The system could also save you big on your energy bills. We have written before about Geothermal Sytems here.

Replace your five most-used light bulbs

If every American replaced their 5 most used bulbs with ENERGY STAR® products, we would save about $8 billion per year in energy costs. That is a huge number just from 5 lightbulbs. Next time you are out buying light bulbs be sure to buy the more efficient bulbs and save yourself a portion of the $8 billion.

Keep your freezer full

Your freezer will run less when it is full and be much more energy efficient. We suggest filling it up with ice cream if you can’t eat it all before the expiration date we will gladly come to help finish it off.

Insulate your attic against heat loss

Hoosier Indoor Air can help you to install or add to existing insulation in your attic. This insulation can save you on heating and cooling bills, and possibly qualify you for energy rebates. Give us a call if you would like to know what blown insulation could save you.

Raise the temperature slowly

Quickly raising your heat pump’s temperature activates the emergency heat setting, which uses tons of energy. We have written before about the expenses associated with using the emergency heat when it isn’t necessary.

Make sure you see more energy saving tips from part 1. Or give us a call to have our team come out and give your home a custom energy inspection.


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