Fall Maintenance Checklist

With the fall season here, it is important to be up to date on your home maintenance for the season. By always maintaining your home equipment, it will not only help lower your monthly utility expenses, but it will also increase the longevity of your utility life. Staying up to date on seasonal maintenance can and will help prevent costly repairs down the road that are caused by lack of upkeep to your systems. This fall, make sure you take all of the necessary precautions to guarantee your systems are running at top notch, and your energy bills are as efficient as possible!

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

  • Thermostat Settings: Always check your thermostat to make sure you are at a comfortable temperature but that it is running efficiently to not running up your energy bill.
  • Condensate drain: Check your condensate drain in the central air conditioner and furnace to make sure that it is not plugged. This can cause water damage if the drain is plugged!
  • Basic Controls: Check the basic controls on your systems to make sure they are starting, operating and shutting off the way that it should be. If something seems funny, give your Hoosier Indoor Air certified technician a call!
  • Check All Gas: Check all of the gas connections that you have in your systems to make sure they are properly running. Gas systems that are faulty and lead to very dangerous hazards or health problems. These are easily avoidable by checking on the systems.
  • Air Filters: It is always a good idea to switch out your air filters to make sure that you are receiving clean air throughout your home. A filter that is dirty can cause an increase in your energy bills and actually damage your equipment!

Make sure you and your family are comfortable this fall season by checking all important parts of your systems to ensure they are all running properly. When checking your equipment, if something sounds or looks funny, do not hesitate to call a professional from Hoosier Indoor Air to come out and fix the issue for you. We are available 24/7 for emergency service and schedule free estimates for any work on your home. Give us a call today at 317.888.9111!


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