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If you are ready to start breathing a little easier knowing your home’s air quality is clean and clear, call the Hoosier Indoor Air air quality experts at 317-466-7437.

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Regular professional air duct cleaning is important to keep your home’s air quality clean and clear of dirt, dust, dander, and other debris. Without proper air duct cleaning, these airborne particles can contribute to health conditions like allergies or asthma while clogging up your heating and air conditioning system, causing a loss of efficiency and contributing to wear and tear.

Hoosier Indoor Air’s air duct cleaning services gives your airflow system a clean sweep of dirt and debris buildup, helping to keep it out of your home’s air circulation, your lungs, and your heating and cooling system. In addition to giving your system a clean sweep, we provide professional air duct inspection services to make sure there is no mold, insects, rodents, or other potentially serious issues in your heating and air conditioning unit.

Just like other types of HVAC maintenance necessary for your furnace or air conditioner, professional cleaning and servicing your home’s air duct system is a must. The air in your home is recirculated each day through your heating and cooling system air ducts. As dust, dirt, dander, and other allergens and irritants are sucked in, they will begin to accumulate within your air ducts.

Heavy accumulation causes faster buildup and clogging of your HVAC system’s air filters, eventually causing a worsening effectiveness of filtering future debris. So your system may spit all that debris right back into your home’s air as well as trapping it in your unit which will cause damage over time. Poor air quality can contribute to certain respiratory health conditions like allergies and asthma.

Even if you diligently clean and vacuum your home on a regular basis, dust and debris accumulation in your air ducts is natural and unavoidable, especially in homes with pets, children, or active families who are constantly coming and going. Regularly vacuuming floors, dusting, and washing curtains, throw rugs, and pillow covers are all great ways to control air quality and allergen buildup, but for optimal air quality, yearly air duct cleaning should also be made a priority.

At Hoosier Indoor Air, we recommend professional air duct cleaning as regular maintenance, perfect to have completed in the spring and fall seasons as part of your spring and fall HVAC clean and check maintenance and repairs. In the peaks of summer and winter, when you are spending the majority of your time indoors, you’ll be happy that you are able to stay inside where it is most comfortable and enjoy clean air blowing through your vents.

If you are ready to start breathing a little easier knowing your home’s air quality is clean and clear, call the Hoosier Indoor Air air quality experts at 317-466-7437 today. Our service area for duct cleaning services covers the greater Indianapolis area including McCordsville, Fishers, Geist, Pendleton, Carmel, and more.

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