How to Know When Your Air Conditioner Compressor is Going Bad

It’s time to turn on you air conditioner again. How do you know if your air conditioner is functioning properly? Is it time to call a professional, or does it just need some time to warm up? We get these questions all the time this year. Below we have outlined the three main indicators of a faulty AC. If any of these describe your system call us right away and we will send a technician out to investigate the problem.

If your air conditioner compressor isn’t able to properly compress the refrigerant, your AC system won’t be able to work well. Look for some of the following signs that could indicate that your compressor is broken.

  • Not enough cooling – If your air conditioning system isn’t producing enough cooling for your home it could be the fault of the compressor. Your AC system needs the refrigerant flowing into the evaporator coils to be under very high pressure. If that pressure isn’t achieved, then your system won’t be able to cool the air enough.
  • Hissing noises – If you hear hissing coming from your air conditioning system it could be coming from the compressor. Not only will this reduce the amount of pressure that your compressor can achieve but it can also cause refrigerant to leak out.
  • Noises – Your air conditioner compressor has a motor that it uses to compress the refrigerant. If the motor isn’t working well it could start to operate at a higher volume. Keep an ear out for this problem.

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