Meet Hoosier Indoor Air Dispatcher: Kim Plummer

Kim Plummer: Hoosier Indoor Air Dispatcher

Say hello to Hoosier Indoor Air’s dispatcher, Kim Plummer!

As our dispatcher, Kim Plummer is the first person to greet you when you call in about your heating and cooling service. But the truth is Kim does so much more than just answer the phones and schedule your appointment. She plays a vital role in the coordination of our entire team!

Each and every morning, Kim gets the entire operation started by checking for any overnight inquires that came in so our customers can get taken care of as soon as possible. Then she prepares the day’s schedule, coordinating with each of our technicians so that they know where and when they need to be going and have all the notes and information about the service call they need to get the job done.

Without Kim, our service techs wouldn’t be able to do their job of helping our customers to the best of their ability, and for that, we are very grateful! However, despite being an important part of our process Kim’s favorite part of the job is pretty simple: helping people!

Kim has always been a people person and has lots of previous experience working in customer service positions, previously working in both the restaurant industry as well as at the front desk of a medical office where she helped patients check-in and schedule appointments.

Although the newest member of our team, Kim says she immediately felt at home working for Hoosier Indoor Air. 

“It is just a great company to work for,” Kim said. “It started at the interview, which went really well. From there it has just been a perfect fit. The Rich family is wonderful to work for and I love talking with our customers.”

Even though she spends a good part of her day talking on the phone when Kim isn’t working she usually likes to spend her time with her nose in a book! We would call Kim an “avid reader” but really that term isn’t even strong enough to describe her love of opening a book. If you want an idea of just how big of a reader Kim is, here are a few fun facts:

  • Her biggest claim to fame is that she read the entire Hunger Games trilogy in just two days! Her secret? Sitting poolside on vacation for two days gave her lots of time to chew through the popular series. 
  • She also estimates in just the first six months of 2021, she had already read as many as 50 books! 
  • Her favorite author is Stephen King after first being introduced to the author in middle school when she read Salem’s Lot. His books may very well have helped turn her into the reading machine she is today.

Seriously, when we say she is a book lover, you have to believe us!

Born in Anderson, Indiana, Kim and her family moved to Florida in the Palm Beach area where she went to school before moving back to Indiana when she was 19. She is a mother of two daughters and has been married to her husband for 25 years. 

When she isn’t at work or reading, Kim enjoys crafting. She first got into crafting when her daughters were in school when she started making ribbons for her daughter’s gymnastics team. Even though both of her daughters are well out of school, she still helps out the local high school and her daughter’s old gymnastics team by making bows each year. She also makes t-shirts, candles, and other crafts for fun and occasionally as gifts for friends and family.

We are so happy to have Kim Plummer as a member of our team. If you are even in need of heating and cooling services, be sure to give Kim a call at (317) 466-7437 and she will do everything possible to make sure you are taken care of!

Call or contact us online today! Be sure to ask us how to get prequalified for heating and cooling repair and equipment replacement financing through Hoosier Indoor Air too!

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