Pump Heat Back into Your Home this Winter

The cold weather is coming and going in central Indiana, and as homeowners you want to be ready for anything. If you are looking at replacing your heating system in the near future, you may want to give consideration to a hybrid heating system. A hybrid heating system provides you with all the benefits a heat pump HVAC system has to offer in addition to a back-up gas furnace. Why choose this kind of system for your home? Keep reading and you will see!

A Hybrid Heating System

The reason some homeowners choose a hybrid heating system instead of a heat-pump-only system is because of concerns about heat pump HVACs providing enough heat during very cold weather. This is due to the way heat pumps provide heat to your home. During the winter months, heat pumps absorb the heat in the surrounding air and use it to heat your home. However, the colder the air, the less heat is available. This is where having a hybrid heating system comes in.

How it Works

In a hybrid heating system, the primary heater is your heat pump. But with a hybrid system, the gas furnace part of the system will turn on when the outdoor temperature reaches a certain temperature. How does it know to do this? A sensor on the outdoor unit of your heat pump is equipped with a thermostat that is programmed to cue the gas furnace at a temperature your technician pre-sets.

This temperature is typically a few degrees above freezing. Once the outdoor temperature is equal or less than the pre-set temperature, your gas furnace automatically takes over heating your home. When the outdoor temperature rises above the pre-set temperature, the system will switch back to using the heat pump.

With a hybrid heating system, you get the benefits of a heat pump system and the worry-free heat of a gas furnace when you need it. Interested in finding out more? Call us today at BreedLove Dobbs Heating and Cooling and we will help you stay warm this holiday season. We schedule appointments and free estimates, so call in today!


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