Selecting the right furnance

When Old Man Winter makes his debut later this year, there’s nothing more important than safeguarding your home against harsh seasonal elements. That’s why when you make a furnace purchase, you want to consider system type, efficiency, and system type because they will not only dictate how much you’ll pay, but also how long your furnace will last.

Given that we’re in the midst of the fall season and temperatures are still quite comfortable, you may be wondering why we’re discussing furnaces and the need to have the right system installed in your home. The answer is simple. Not only is it wise to prepare, but it’s also a win when you can save money and make your home run more efficiently. When we have achieved all of these goals, we at Hoosier Indoor Air will know you and your family are on the road to being truly happy and comfortable.

Recently, we shared how to hit a homerun when you have to replace your heating and cooling system. Now we’re going to explain what you should consider when selecting a furnace because ensuring you don’t get sold on the wrong furnace for your home is essential. Here is our report.

What’s your Furnace type?

Heating and cooling systems come as either split or packaged. Split systems are common with heating and air conditioning, and come complete with a unit, furnace and coil. But, if you don’t have a basement, crawl space or attic, a packaged system may be a better option because they contain heating and cooling components in one outdoor unit.

Fuel sources are also important, and have much to do with the type of system you ultimately select. Gas, propane and electric furnaces each have their benefits, but depending upon what you find most valuable could help in making your decision. For instance, if saving money when temperatures dip is your top priority, a gas furnace that runs on natural gas will be the best option. If your home is older or if you live in an area without gas lines, a propane furnace can be a powerful source of heat. If you’re all about creating heat from electricity, the electric furnace is for you, but know that this option can drain your bank account.

Which system is best suited for your home? Contact us today to schedule an appointment where we can help you decide.

Economics 101

When selecting a furnace, you should look for top-rated units that are marked as being highly-efficient. Today, furnaces have Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. This rating is listed as a percentage of how much fuel gets converted into usable heat, with a scale ranging from around 30-100.  The higher the AFUE, the lower the operating cost will be. You should aim for a rating of 90 percent or higher.

Size matters

Does bigger equal better? Not necessarily, and this is especially true when it comes to finding the right size furnace for your home. This is because when a furnace is too big, it can cause an influx of humidity, which can lead to mold, sneezing and respiratory issues, and inconsistencies in heating and cooling. Larger systems are also typically noisier, especially when they are not compatible with your home’s duct system.

To determine the most accurate size, a Hoosier Indoor Air technician can perform a whole-house evaluation where they will look at everything from square footage to insulation to the types of windows and doors you have within your home. Call us today to schedule this service.

These days, preparation means everything, and selecting the right furnace for your home can help you brave Indiana’s unpredictable winter season while saving money, time and keeping your family safe from the effects of Old Man Winter.

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