Variable Speed Furnace Systems

Benefits of a Variable Speed Furnace

The cold and dry signs of winter are here…and although snow may not be falling yet, the  temperatures are dropping, and the talk around town is how you can save money and heat your homes efficiently. Everyone likes to walk into a warm, and cozy home during the cold winter months and a variable speed furnace is a great way to accomplish this.

A variable speed furnace is a heating system that has an indoor blower motor than operates at different speeds to control how the heated and cooled air is flowing through the home. This system offers many efficiencies which are listed below.

Variable Speed Furnace Efficiency

Zoning Efficiency

The variable speed furnace system is a great option for zoning. It allows home owners to customize their comfort in different rooms in the house and control energy bills.

Electrical Efficiency

Variable speed motors can and will save you money on your energy bills because they use less electricity than standard motors.

Humidity Efficiency

These systems allow you to control how much humidity is entering your home which, in turn improves the quality of the air and comfort.

Air Efficiency

Not only does the variable speed furnace system create a comfortable home more efficiently, but it can also help clean the air in your home as well. The motor will continuously circulate the air which will allow filters to capture more contaminants that are floating around. This is a great solution for allergy prone families.

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