Why You Should Check Your Boiler This Fall

Many times, customers think that the fall time is just for furnace maintenance and check ups. Wrong! Boilers are just as important because they are special pieces of equipment that are crucial to keeping your home the comfortable temperature that you like it to be.

Since comfort is priority for all homeowners, our technicians will ask you if you’ve had any issues with your boiler in the last calendar year. Our technicians will always check for pipes that may be leaking, double check that the flue is secure, and if there are any signs that lead to dysfunctional operation.

Every type of boiler will need to be checked for three potential issues. These issues are boiler type specific, so it is important to first identify which boiler type you have in your home. Both types of boilers are different, so they require different types of care as well.

Hot Water Boilers

The three issues that hot water boilers typically have are:

  1. Low water pressure
  2. A dirty burner
  3. Tanks that are waterlogged

Your technician can maintain your hot water boiler by cleaning the burners, inspecting the flame sensors, check the oil pump, check the thermostat calibration, fill the radiator system, drain the expansion tank, and other tricks to ensure optimal operation of your machine.

Steam Boilers

The three issues that stem boilers typically have are:

  1. Dirty burners
  2. Weekly blowdowns that are neglected
  3. Plugged pressuretrol manifolds

For steam boilers, you technician will drain and flush the boiler, pull and clean the burners, calibrate the thermostat, look at the flame sensors, clean the gauge glass, and check all safety controls to make sure that your system is running properly.

For more information on how to maintain your boiler system this fall, give us a call today at 317.888.9111 to schedule your appointment or your free estimate!


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