Does Leaving Your Windows Open while the AC is Running Save You Money?

Air conditioner units are complex machines with simple functionality. Because of the simple functionality, many people make avoidable mistakes when it comes to cooling their homes. One of those mistakes is having the air conditioner running while leaving windows open.

It might sound nice to bring in the cool air from outside to cool down your house during the warm season. For many people, the idea behind having the air conditioner running while having the windows open is to cool the room faster. However, while you are letting in that outside air your air conditioner is being forced to work harder. Your unit will be working twice as hard to pull the humidity out of the air and cool you down.

Cooling systems are designed to distribute the appropriate quantity of air to the home. Opened windows will impact the loading of the unit. When your unit spends so much time working that hard it becomes less and less efficient. The efficiency of the home air conditioning unit depends on the system of fans and ducting being balanced. Having the windows open will impact these important settings and make your unit less efficient. Leaving the windows open while your unit is running will cause your unit not to run smoothly and may not last as long it should.

If you’re still looking for a way to cool your home faster, we suggest using ceiling fans if you have them. They are an efficient way to cool your home and will help circulate the cold air from your air conditioner around your house.

Want us to visit your home to check that your unit is running efficiently? We would be more than happy to do that! Give us a call today, and we will send out a Factory Authorized technician to make sure your unit is running as efficiently as it should be.

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