Winter-Ready Home Checklist

Print out this sheet and keep it where you keep other important home documents. This checklist will guide you through an easy DIY home inspection that will help you get your home ready for winter, with resources for professional assistance and emergency repair services included!

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During the fall, you’re probably not thinking that much about your heating and cooling system, since your indoor temperature is probably pretty comfortable without any heat or AC.

However, a cold Indiana winter is right around the corner!

It’s crucial that you check your furnace and heating system NOW so that you don’t have any unexpected issues later.

Making sure your heating system is ready for the winter will…
Help you save money on your heating bills
Prevent large-scale damage and expensive repairs
Keep you reliably safe, warm, and comfortable

Download our easy 7-step checklist, print it off, and start checking the boxes that’ll help you get your home prepared for the winter!

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