How Severe Weather Affects Your HVAC System and How To Prepare For It

severe weather affects your hvac

Summer is a time of sunshine and rainbows, but it’s also a time of severe weather. Don’t let the possibility of these weather events rain on your HVAC system’s parade, though!

Check out this helpful guide that lays out how severe weather impacts your HVAC system and how you can prepare for it!

How Severe Weather Affects Your HVAC System? 

Severe weather threatens your HVAC system in a few different ways. First, heavy wind can cause damage. Further, lightning (though incredibly rare) can wreak absolute havoc! Plus, extreme summer heat can do damage too. 

Heavy winds can cause tree branches to fall, which is an obvious problem. Plus, debris like dirt, leaves, twigs, and other unwanted materials can find their way into the system. This can spiral into further issues if the problem isn’t fixed quickly.

Extreme heat can cause things to go awry, too. Your air conditioner is a heat transfer system with two heat exchangers, working with heat in two separate environments. 

First, it captures heat-energy from the hot air inside the house and sends it to the outdoor condensing unit. Then, it has to move that heat energy to the hot outside air. On hot days, your AC system has to work harder to do this.

Not only is there more heat coming into your home, which it needs to remove, but also the air outside is hotter, which makes it harder for your HVAC unit to reject the heat.

Heavy rains don’t pose a threat to your HVAC system unless it turns into flooding and then submerges the outdoor unit itself. If your outdoor unit is in a low-lying area and water levels are starting to worry you in a potential flooding situation, cut the power to the unit if it’s safe to do so. However, take care of your own safety first before worrying about your HVAC system. That’s what insurance is for. 

Steps to Prepare For Severe Weather 

Turn it Off

If you know that your area is about to experience severe or extreme weather, it might be good to turn the HVAC off until it has passed. Sometimes, intense storms can cause power surges that confuse the HVAC and make it cycle on and off rapidly This can damage the device and burn the circuits.

Make Sure it’s Secured to the Ground 

Sometimes, wind can be so strong that it can blow your HVAC unit away. Because of this, it’s ideal to make sure it’s secured to the ground, ideally on a concrete base. You can also attach it to an outdoor wall. Do NOT rush out to fix this in a last-second effort before the storm comes. Get to shelter instead. Securing your HVAC outdoor unit is something that should have happened when it was installed, but if you’re uncertain you should call a professional to check it out.

Use a Surge Protector

A surge protector automatically senses voltage increases and will turn your HVAC off when they happen. This can be very helpful, as it eliminates the need for you to turn the unit off yourself if you’re not home or if the storm is approaching too quickly to do it safely. 

Wrap it in a Tarp

Another way to prep your HVAC for bad weather is to cover it with a tarp. The tarp will protect the system from rocks, limbs, and other debris that might damage its exterior. Additionally, it will prevent small debris from building up inside the unit. Once again, only do this if you have ample time before the storm comes. Never put yourself in harm’s way to put a tarp over your HVAC system outdoor unit. 

Bring Loose Yard Items Inside

When the winds pick up, they might carry loose yard items like outdoor furniture with them, which could crash into your HVAC unit. Prevent this by simply bringing these items inside ahead of time!

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