Meet Hoosier Indoor Air Service Technician: Monte Sebastian

Say hello to Hoosier Indoor Air’s service technician Monte Sebastian!

monte Sebastian hoosier indoor air HVAC technician Though for many of you, we doubt an introduction will be necessary. Over the past 13 years of working for Hoosier Indoor Air, formerly Breedlove Dobbs, Monte Sebastian’s work ethic and personability has caused him to develop something of a “Monte Fan Club” made up of loyal and dedicated customers. When many of our customers call for repairs or maintenance, they ask for Monte by name!

“It’s a blessing and a curse,” Monte jokes. “When we get into tune-up season, a lot of the time I am booked five weeks out with people who have asked for me.”

Jokes aside, Monte has always considered himself a people person, so he genuinely enjoys the fact that he has a group of customers who trust him and turn to him first for help with their heating and cooling problems.

“Some of these people I have visited 20-plus times over the past 13 years, so you get to know them pretty well,” he said. “I know their names, I know their kids, and I even know their pets. I also get to be a reassuring presence for people who are usually not having a great day because they had to call me.” 

Although always being mechanically inclined and enjoying to work with his hands, the HVAC industry was actually not Monte’s first career calling. For 25 years, he worked with a local printer managing the printing press. As the world became more and more digital, Monte eventually found himself looking for something new. That is when he connected with long-time friend, Hoosier Indoor Air owner Jeff Rich.

Jeff and Monte go way back, having known each other and being friends since the third grade. Knowing Monte’s mechanical prowess from their time spent working on cars and bikes together, Jeff brought him on to help with installations for Breedlove Dobbs while he worked on getting his certifications and education needed to become a service technician.

He caught on fast, learned how to tackle any situation and piece of equipment that got thrown at him, and 13 years later Monte wishes he had pursued his career as an HVAC technician from the start. 

“I enjoyed working at the printer, but it was the same place, same people, and same things every day,” he said. “As a technician, every call is something different. I meet new people, go to different places, and get to solve different problems and challenges each day.”

When he isn’t working on air conditioners and furnaces, Monte likes to work on other things like cars, bikes, and ATVs to “relax”. Once they are fixed up, he has a group of friends that he often goes riding and camping with. He is a big fan of the outdoors going back to his days as a Scout.

Monte also owns his own multi lane pinewood derby track that has computer controlled finish line with speed and winning car printout for racers. He uses his mechanical skills helping local kids who need a little help make winning pinewood derby cars.

As much as he loves the outdoors, Monte is also a huge movie buff and loves going to the movies. Pre-COVID, Monte guesses he went to the theater at least once a week during his time off to catch a movie, nowadays watching a movie at home before bed most nights. 

As long as the movie sounds interesting, he says he will see anything. Though, he definitely enjoys the classics like National Lampoon’s Vacation and Christmas Vacation. Plus, as a husband of 32 years, a father of eight children, and now a grandfather of 15 children, there has always been someone around to watch a movie with.  

His biggest hobby, however, is his prized collection of Hot Wheels. Collecting since 1976, Monte had a collection of five or six thousand at one point, now just boasting a collection of about 4,000 today. Some are mint and kept in the box for collecting, but he also loves to break out many of the opened cars, tracks, and other memorabilia to play with the grandkids. You’ll also often find him rooting for the Pacers, Colts, Indians, and Butler Bulldogs.   

Want to meet Monte Sebastian for yourself? Or are you a member of the “Monte Fan Club” ready for a tune-up? Call Hoosier Indoor Air at (317) 466-7437 today to schedule your appointment and ask for Monte!

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