6 Ways to Save Your AC Energy

Nobody likes spending more money on their air conditioning bills than they really have to. Especially when the weather starts getting warmer, you’ll want to know the most efficient way to run your home air conditioning unit. There are various ways to save your AC energy and reduce your monthly bills and we’ve listed 6 ways to save your AC energy below.

Clean Your Air Filters

A dirty air filter can be the culprit for many air conditioning issues, and it could be the thief behind stealing your money too! When your AC unit is running with dirty air filters, it reduces its efficiency greatly. To make sure you are getting the most efficiently run unit, it’s a smart idea to check your air filters each month, replacing them at least every three months.

Get an Annual Check Up

You wouldn’t go a year without getting a check up from your doctor, and your central air unit should be no different! It is important for a professional to come and check up on your unit for both heating and cooling problems. Don’t keep wasting your money on your monthly bill when a professional technician can spot out inefficiencies in your unit!

Switch Your Thermostat

When you’re at home, go ahead and set the thermostat to a comfortable 78 degrees, but when you’re not at home let your air conditioning unit take a break and let it rise to a higher degree. You can also do this at night time when you don’t need as much cooling throughout your home. By doing this, you’d be able to save anywhere between 5-15% on your bill!

Use a Fan

You can save a great deal on your AC bill each month by helping your air conditioning unit circulate the air with a fan. Fans help push the air throughout your home, making it more efficiently used. They use much less energy than a large unit, and make for a great supplement to your cooling needs.

Rearrange the Furniture

Furniture can block the flow of air coming out of the floor vents throughout your home and in turn, make the AC unit work much harder to cool the area. Make sure there aren’t any chairs, sofas, or tables obstructing the flow of air.


You’d be surprised by the amount of energy and heat you can reduce throughout your home by simply turning off the lights. Also, pay attention to how much natural sunlight you are letting into your home as well. These two aspects of efficiency have a great deal of input on how much you might be spending on keeping your home cool!

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