Broken Air Conditioner? Here’s What to Do

A broken air conditioner in the summer is always a major inconvenience, and it can even be a health hazard. When your AC goes out on a hot, sunny day – you need to act fast! Here are some tips from the HVAC experts here at Hoosier Indoor Air on what to do if your air conditioner breaks!

How to Deal with a Broken Air Conditioner

There’s never a good time for an AC system to quit on you. However, if you follow these tips below, you can cut down the time you’re uncomfortable considerably!

Call for service right away

As we said above – you need to act fast. The sooner you call a professional HVAC repair company, the sooner we’ll be able to get a technician dispatched to your home!

Stop creating heat

Avoid running appliances that produce more heat, such as the dishwasher, laundry machine, and stove during the hottest parts of the day. Try to run them during the night or on a cooler day instead.

Keep yourself cool

Use fans, cold compresses, and ice packs to stay cool. Drink plenty of cold fluids, especially water.

Get out of the house

If your home gets too hot, go to a cool place, such as a library, pool, or friend’s house. If you have to stay home, try to stay in the coolest rooms in your house, such as the basement or a bedroom with an independent air conditioner.

Be prepared for a few uncomfortable days

If your issue is major, sometimes repairs can take more than a day. Make arrangements to stay in a hotel or with family or friends.

Find a temporary solution

Ask to borrow a friend’s portable or window AC unit for a few days while yours is being fixed.

Health issues?

If you are elderly or infirm, an overheated house can be a major health risk and potentially even fatal. If temperatures exceed 80 degrees indoors, immediately find a cooler place to stay.

Call The Pros at Hoosier Indoor Air if You Need Help!

Dealing with a broken air conditioner in the middle of summer is a stressful situation for any homeowner and getting relief as soon as possible is important. If your air conditioner breaks, don’t delay and call Hoosier Indoor Air at (317) 466-7437 right away!

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