AC Noises and What They Mean

If you are noticing odd noises coming from your air conditioning system, it’s important to know what they mean. It’s also important to note that A/C units are large machines tasked with a taxing job – and that means they’re going to make noise from time to time. If you’re able to tell which noises mean trouble you might be able to identify potential issues before your AC cuts out on you. In heat like this, a couple days heads up time on an AC issue can make a huge difference – especially since the lead times for many HVAC companies can be up to a week. So let’s take a look at the most common trouble sounds your A/C unit can make and what they mean!

AC Noises and What They Mean

So let’s get down to it! If you hear any of the noises coming from your A/C system, it’s time to take action. Call Hoosier Indoor Air today and we’ll send out a certified professional technician to identify and fix the issue.


A grinding or scraping or shearing noise usually indicates an your fan motor. Your fan motor is at the heart of your AC system, and an issue there could lead to total replacement if not fixed immediately. Additionally, there could be could something off with the blades themselves, or there could be a worn bearing. Either way – this is a big warning sign, and you need to get a tech out there ASAP.


If you hear a popping noise coming from your system, there could be a problem with your ductwork, not the central air conditioning unit. Sometimes this is also debris falling onto your unit. Either way, if you notice it more than a couple times, call an HVAC technician to rule out any faulty damage.


If you are hearing rattling noises from your AC unit, don’t fret – it is most likely due to debris that fall through the vents. Often times, it’s a stick, leaf, acorn, or something along those lines. In rare cases, it’s a bolt or a fastener from your unit. Unlike the other noises, this is usually a very easy fix. – just clean out or tightening loose parts, no professional maintenance needed!


Hissing noises indicate a refrigerant leak, which is something you need to get address immediately. If you notice a hissing issue that sounds different from other noises your AC usually makes, it’s time to call in the pros.

Distinguishing AC Noises Can Save You Time and Money

AC units making strange noises isn’t always a problem… but it’s always a good idea to get them checked out if you are worried. For more information on air conditioning maintenance and repair, give Hoosier Indoor Air a call today to schedule your free estimate or appointment at 317.888.9111!

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