Keeping Your Kids Cool in the Summer

It’s finally here! The end of the school year for your kids and the beginning of regularly warm, sunny days. They won’t be spending long days inside the class room and late nights on homework – it’s time to for them to have some fun. No matter what you guys have planned this summer, it’s important that they stay busy – but not so busy that they overheat. Keep those kids cool!

We have some great advice on how to do just that… keep reading!

Keeping Your Kids Cool in the Summer

Keeping your kids cool in hot weather is important; not only can too much heat and activity zap your little one’s energy, but in severe instances, can also become dangerous. Here are a few tips from the perspective of HVAC experts on how to keep your kids safe and cool all summer long:

Were You Raised in A Barn?

It may be tempting to let the fresh air in on a warm day, but doing so can really cause issues with your AC unit’s ability to keep up with your home’s cooling demands. It is much easier on your system to keep your windows and doors shut as much as possible while the A/C is on.

Your kids will appreciate having a nice cool home to return to after being out in the heat all day.

Is Your Fan Running?

Fans are an unsung hero of home comfort. While they don’t actively reduce the temperature in a home (and really inefficient fans can actually raise the temperature), they do keep air blowing and circulating – which is a crucial to your kid’s ability to cool themselves down. Not to mention – moving air does wonders to eliminate that stuffy, suffocating feeling of trapped heat in your home.  

Additionally, a few fans running will help your kids sleep, and in the event that your HVAC system goes down, fans can be a real life saver until the techs at Hoosier Indoor Air can get your unit back up and running.

Don’t Touch That Dial

It may be tempting to reprogram your thermostat on cooler days or to crank it up on the really hot days, but please… don’t touch that dial! It is much, much better for your HVAC system (and wallet) to set it at a comfortable temperature and leave it alone. Frequent changes in thermostat settings can over burden your A/C system, and sometimes cause it to freeze up altogether – and then you’re stuck for a few days.

Set it, and forget it!

Stay Cool Out There, Kids!

We hope you and your kids have a great, safe summer. If you notice any issues with your home’s cooling, we can help. Just give us call at 317.888.9111.  

If you are having cooling trouble and think you need immediate service or a repair, call us ASAP!

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