Can Air Purifiers Really Help Allergies?

Spring will be here before you know it, and so will your seasonal allergies. Soon, you’ll have the telltale itchy, red eyes and stuffed nose… that only opens up long enough for you to have a sneezing attack. Allergies are a bummer, and while medications can help manage the symptoms, it’s still better to not be exposed to the allergens in the first place. That’s where air purifiers come in!

How Allergens Infiltrate Your Home

These days, folks are spending more time at home than ever… which is a good thing! The work-from-home revolution brought on by the pandemic and the overall shift in being more homebound means that it’s more important than ever that your home’s air is purified and cleaned.

However, simply keeping the doors and windows shut and sealing up those drafts simply will not be enough to keep out the cloud of airborne allergens soon to be released over McCordsville. Since these allergy-causing particles float, they can be sucked in through your home’s HVAC system. Many of these allergens are so small that they can slip right through your home’s filters – especially if they haven’t been replaced in a while. For those lucky enough to not have allergies, they won’t notice a difference. However, if you suffer from severe air borne allergies, you’ll be miserable inside the home or outside.

How Air Purifiers Can Lessen Your Allergies!

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, now – before the pollen is in the air – is the time to look into an air purifier.

Air purifiers are designed to pull out the allergy-causing particles in the air of your home, clean it, and then release it. Allergens like pet dander, hair, mold, pollen, and other harmful particles are taken out of the air, making it easier for you and your family to breathe and feel less of your allergy symptoms.

For allergy sufferers, the reduction in symptoms can be a life-saver, and we’ve had many clients in the past tell us the install was worth every single penny.

Other Tips for Allergy Sufferers this Spring

An air filter installed by Hoosier Indoor Air will dramatically reduce your family’s exposure to allergens when in the home. However, they’ll need some help from you to get the job done right. Here are some other tips that will help the allergy sufferers in your home to feel a bit better this spring.

  • Frequently shave/groom/treat pets that may cause allergies
  • Clean out all of the air filters in your home (both air conditioner filters and duct filters)
  • Keep the windows and doors in your home closed as much as possible
  • Do not smoke inside (and if you suffer from allergies, smoking cessation in general will help a ton!)
  • Use the sterilizing wash setting on your washing machine to get rid of dust mites on your clothes
  • Either get rid of furniture that gathers dust or seal it to keep it from getting smothered in it

These steps, alongside an air purifying system from Hoosier Indoor Air, will optimize the air quality in your home… and you’ll be breathing cleaner than ever!

Ready to Have Air Purifiers installed in your Home? Get in Touch!

For more information on how Hoosier Indoor Air can help you and your family with your allergy issue, learn more about the installation of an APCO air purifying system. Hoosier Indoor Air also offers a duct cleaning service, which benefits the air quality in your home as well. To schedule your free estimate or appointment, give us a call today at 317.888.9111 and we’d be happy to set something up for you! To learn more about the areas we serve, please visit our Areas We Serve page on our website.

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