Can Air Purifiers Really Help Allergies?


With spring time in full bloom in Indiana, we bet you’ve started feeling your allergies come around  as well. No one enjoys dealing with allergies, especially when you are in the comfort of your own home. Although there are many natural remedies you may use to kick the symptoms, it may worth your time and effort to look into an air purifying system for your home.

You want to be as comfortable as you can while you are relaxing at home, and of all environments that you spend your time in, your home should be the most relaxing place to be. But with allergies, and particles of all sizes floating around in the air, it may be hard to enjoy the time at home.

If you suffer from severe air borne allergies, maybe it is time to look into an air purifier. An air purifier is a system that is designed to pull out particles that are floating in the air with filters in your home, clean it and make it easier for your family to breathe. Allergens like pet dander, hair, mold, pollen, and other harmful particles are taken out of the air, making it easier for you and your family to breathe and feel less of your allergy symptoms.

If you or any one living in your home is constantly sniffling, sneezing, or wheezing their way throughout their time at home, an air filter might be the right answer for your family. But if you or your family members do suffer from allergies, it is important to note that solely using an air filtration system will not optimize your chances of improving allergy symptoms. Along with an air filter, we suggest getting rid of pets that may be the cause of allergy symptoms, clean out all of your air filters in your home along with air conditioner filters, and duct filters, keep the windows in your home closed to reduce the outside pollens from entering, do not smoke inside, use very hot water while washing clothes to get rid of dust mites, and avoid furniture that can gather dust.  These steps, alongside an air purifying system can optimize the air quality in your home.

For more information on how Hoosier Indoor Air can help you and your family with your allergy issue, be sure to visit our accessories page to learn more about the installation of an APCO air purifying system. Hoosier Indoor Air also offers a duct cleaning service, which benefits the air quality in your home as well.

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