What Causes Common Heating Emergencies?

Heating Emergencies

The start of the cold season is here, and you’ll be leaning hard on your heating system for the next 6 or so months to keep you warm and comfortable in your McCordsville home. Hopefully, after following our 5 fall HVAC maintenance tips your heating unit is up to the task – but if it isn’t, you’ll be left out in the cold! If you’re already freezing and looking for a quick answer for what to do for heating emergencies, we’ll cut right to the chase: you need to call the experts right away. A heating system is often not DIY’able even for the handiest folks, and tinkering around in there to save a quick buck can end up costing you far more in the long run. If you’re interested in learning what causes most heating emergencies, keep reading!


Electric Furnace Issues

The most common issue with electric furnaces are maintenance related. If you don’t have pros servicing your electric furnace regularly, you’ll end up with clogged filters, dirty/damaged blowers and heating elements, and undergreased motors. These all translate into sluggish control response (IE, it takes a long time to heat up after changing the thermostat) or outright failure.

Gas Furnace Issues

Gas furnaces have many of the same issues as you see in electric furnaces – most commonly, dirt accumulating on key parts to the point that they don’t function correctly. However, they do have some issues unique to the type of system though, such as the pilot light going out, clogged burner ports/tubes, and nonfunctional shutters. Again – these aren’t things you should be trying to fix yourself, so be sure to consult with HVAC professionals, like the team at Hoosier Indoor Air, if you have a heating emergency.

Electric Heater Issues

The failures we most often see in other types of electric heaters are ceramic heating element or motor related. These again come about from lack of maintenance, but also with age: sometimes, even with a strict maintenance regimen, your parts will break at the end of their life cycle. Still, a pro can identify these issues long before they become heating emergencies – so it’s always good to have a service plan.

Forced Air Distribution System Issues

Forced air distributors are part of most furnace heating systems. They move the hot air around your home efficiently. Sometimes, when you’re having heating issues, this is the system to blame. Like any part of the HVAC system, this system’s filters or blowers will become clogged and stop functioning correctly. They’re often overlooked by smaller or less reputable HVAC companies, but part of our service checklist is to thoroughly inspect these systems for any issues.

Have Heating Emergencies? Call Hoosier Indoor Air in McCordsville!

Again – the best way to deal with a heating emergency is to avoid it altogether. Our ComfortGuard plan will head off any issues with your heating system long before it becomes an emergency. However, if it’s too late for that: we’ve got the knowledge, manpower, and experience to help everybody in McCordsville that’s experiencing heating emergencies. We also offer emergency repair services when there are severe issues with heating systems. However, if these issues become life-threatening, be sure to call the local authorities for assistance.

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Stay warm out there, Indiana!

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