Time to “Heat Up” Your HVAC Maintenance Routine!

HVAC Maintenance Routine
The chill of winter is here, and will be for a while… so it’s time to “Heat Up!” your HVAC maintenance routine. If you take care of your heating system, it will take care of you. Simple tasks, such as regular service, cleaning, replacing filters, and sealing leaks will keep your family warm all winter long – and can vastly increase the lifespan of your furnace or heat pump. Check out our tips in detail below!

Clean Up

Every good maintanence job begins and ends with cleaning.

Gently clean your heating system as thoroughly as you are able. Dust all visible surfaces, and then remove panels that don’t require tools and dust them too. While you’re cleaning, check for any buildup of dirt or grime or chemicals – this could indicate a bigger issue.

A warning, though: don’t unscrew, unplug, or move anything inside your heating unit. You might not know how to put it back together again – which means a cold day and a service call at best… at worst, you could risk damage to the unit or yourself. Please be smart!

Gear Up

Technology is your friend! A programmable or smart thermostat with networking capabilities can save you tons of money, and greatly ease the burden on you heating system.

For instance – you can program it down to 60-65 while you’re at work all day, and have it automatically heat up before you get home. Same deal for sleeping – many folks will turn the thermostat way down at night so they can sleep more soundly.

That’s not all though – most smart thermostats are able to tell you and your technician if your sytem is having issues well before they get to be a problem. The future is here!

Change Up

Change your filters! We probably mention this every blog, but that’s because there’s not a day that goes by that we don’t see a incredibly dirty filter in one of our customer’s homes.

Why is this so important? Well – all the hair and dander and dust in your home is trapped in your air filters. When they become clogged, air is unable to flow freely from room to room and throughout your ducts. This can result in poor and uneven heating, which puts much more stress on your system

We recommend changing your filter every 3 months, more if you have pets, and much more if you smoke in the home.

Button Up

Isolate and caulk/seal up any drafts in your home. The usual culprits are doors and windows, but drafts can happen anywhere. It might not seem like a big deal, but it will make your home easier to heat… which means less stress on your heating system.

Call Up

There’s no way around it – even with a stellar hvac maintenance routine your heating system will need regular maintenance from professional technicians, like the team at Hoosier Indoor Air, in order run efficiently and cleanly. Folks that have had heating issues before already know, and are eager to sign up for our ComfortGuard plan. Folks that haven’t had heating issues… all we can say is that our service plans are thousands and thousands of dollars cheaper than a system replacement. Plan accordingly!

Heat Up Your HVAC Maintenance Routine This Year!

We’d love to be your heating system service provider! If you need help or are ready to sign up for a service plan, get in touch. You can reach us at 317-343-4462 or schedule service onlineanytime.

Happy Holidays, McCordsville!

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