Is it Worth Investing in a Heating and Cooling Service Plan?

ComfortGuard heating and cooling service plan

At Hoosier Indoor Air, we offer a lot of important services for our customers’ heating and cooling systems like repairs, installing new accessories, replacements, and second-opinions. But, by far the most valuable service we offer is a heating and cooling service plan, our Comfort Guard plan.

This HVAC service agreement is key to protect your investment of an efficient, functioning, and reliable HVAC system. We get asked all the time if heating and cooling service plans are really a worthwhile investment for homeowners. Without bias, agenda, or a doubt the answer is a resounding yes! 

Why then are heating and cooling service plans important to have? Well, you enjoy the benefits of having things like health and car insurance, don’t you? You may not take advantage of them each month, but don’t you have a better piece of mind knowing that you have them?

Think of an HVAC service agreement as insurance for your furnace and air conditioning! Significantly cheaper insurance at that. But, those are the only perks you enjoy from investing in a service plan like Comfort Guard. If you are on the fence about the value of a heating and cooling service plan, keep these advantages in mind.

Always be running as good as new

Insurance can be a little dull. Instead, think about your car. You rely on your car for so much: getting you to work on time, running errands, getting the kids to school safely, and more. How do you reward your car for its valued service? You give it the proper care it deserves by getting its oil changed regularly, getting it tuned up, replacing the tires when they get worn down, and all the other little things you do for your vehicle.

You care for and protect important things you rely on like your car, so why wouldn’t you want to provide that same level of protection to other important things like your heating and cooling system? Comfort Guard comes with regular 21 Point Inspections of your HVAC system throughout the year. Like an oil change or tune up for your car, these complimentary inspections give your system the TLC needed to keep it running as smooth as possible, extending its life, and keeping it from wearing out and breaking down as quickly.

While your HVAC system doesn’t provide a means of transportation for a family vacation, it provides something equally important: year round comfort to you and your family. Without a properly functioning furnace in the winter or air conditioner in the summer, life can be pretty miserable.

Catch little problems before they become big problems

Just like with your car, some problems with your heating and cooling system aren’t really problems at all… as long as you catch them early enough. For your car, a small grinding in your brakes can quickly lead to full-on brake failure. For your furnace, not noticing something like a small leak in your heat exchange could spiral out into putting your family in danger of carbon monoxide poisoning a few months down the road.

But, of course most people won’t be able to correctly assess the condition of your heating or cooling system as much as you would correctly diagnose a problem with your car. That is why having the regular, preventative maintenance and inspections provided by Comfort Guard are so important. With your plan, you will regularly have a professional look at and evaluate your HVAC system and be able to identify small problems before they grow into big problems.

Catching problems early can give you an easier path to making the best decisions on how to address them before you are forced into difficult decisions by impossible circumstances like your AC going out in the middle of summer. Oftentimes, fixing these small problems will also be much cheaper than fixing the big problems.

Save on service

Comfort Guard customers don’t just enjoy these kinds of preventative maintenance. When repairs do need to happen, it can often significantly pay off to be a part of a service plan like Comfort Guard.

Comfort Guard customers get an additional 10% discount on service repairs. Unfortunately, some HVAC repairs can come with a not so nice price tag attached. 10% may not blow your hair back on paper, but when you look at a repair bill 10% could be a significant savings.

But wait, there’s more! Comfort Guard customers also have access to even more savings on repair service: no overtime! Say the worst case does happen and something goes wrong in the evening or weekend and needs to be fixed right away. Your heating and cooling service plan removes extra charges for work considered overtime, making it just like any other service call.

You are our number one priority

We don’t play favorites, but we do love our service plan customers. As a sign of our gratitude, Comfort Guard customers also get the benefit of priority service. That means if your call comes in, you are put at the top of our list.

If a problem happens and you need a service call right away, there is a strong chance that as a service plan customer you will be able to get same day service or at the very least first thing in the morning. That means less time twiddling your thumbs waiting for help.

You protect your home, health, and car with insurance and regular care, so why not take that same level of care with the things that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer? Comfort Guard is easy to join and all this and more costs you nothing more than $18 a month – the same as Netflix!

Learn more about Comfort Guard here or call our office at 317.888.9111 today.

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