Meet Our Team Member Dillon Bane!

Dillon Bane

We’d like to introduce our team member Dillon Bane!

As an installation tech, Dillon Bane is the team member that you’ll see riding around in our green and purple trucks, installing heating and cooling systems for customers to keep them comfortable year-round!

One of Dillon’s favorite parts of working for Hoosier Indoor Air is the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. He said he loves watching everything come together and work well for the customer.

Dillon said, “once everything is in, and we get to fire it up, and it actually works and the customer’s happy—that’s probably the best part!”

After working a repetitive desk job for about 8 years, Dillon began to desire a career in the trades. The pandemic and its corresponding work from home practices had him wanting more—he wanted to go more places and try new things. 

He joined the Hoosier team in November of 2020 and got all of his training on the job. He started riding with the crews and was taught everything he knows by fellow techs at Hoosier!

Dillon’s father-in-law, Tom Rich, is also part of the Hoosier team. He helped Dillon make connections and hit the ground running, providing him with the resources he needed to build his skills and serve customers well. 

Dillon mentioned that he’s definitely experienced a positive difference in his working life since joining Hoosier Indoor Air. He said, “I get to get out and go see different places almost every day, so it’s a lot more mentally stimulating.”

Born in Anderson Indiana, Dillon grew up pursuing his passions for music. In fact, his hobbies today still revolve around writing and producing music!

When he’s not at work, you can find Dillon working on music projects and jamming with his band, which is a mesh of EDM, rock, and rap genres. 

If you have an AC or furnace installation coming up and recognize Dillon on the job, be sure to say hello!

Our team is filled with passionate experts like Dillon. They’re all ready to serve you and are passionate about keeping you comfortable year-round!

For HVAC questions and services, be sure to call Hoosier Indoor Air at (317) 466-7437 or contact us online today!

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