An AC Tune Up… in March? You Bet!

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It’s mid-March 2022, and temperatures here in the greater Indianapolis area are swinging all the way from the low 30s to the high 60’s – sometimes on the same day! With little to no need for AC most days, we wouldn’t blame you if an AC tune up isn’t on the top of your list of priorities. However – it should be… and we have a two really good reasons why!

2 Reasons Why an AC Tune Up in March is a Great Idea

Reason #1 – Lead Time

For anyone that’s had their AC cut out on a hot day in the spring or summer, this won’t be news to you… but for the rest of you lucky homeowners, you haven’t found this out the hard way yet.

Most HVAC outfits need at least a few days, and sometimes up to a week, to clear their work backlog and get over to your home. After that, if your AC needs repair instead of just a quick fix… you’re looking at another few days to get them in and installed. If you’re counting, that’s at least 4 or 5 days without cooling in the summer or spring. We don’t have to tell you that you’re not going to enjoy those long, hot days inside your home.

However, scheduling your AC tune up today means that:

  • Our AC technicians will be less busy, meaning they’ll be able to service you sooner
  • If your AC does need repair, you’ll have it fixed prior to the sweltering days of summer… and you won’t have to sit in your house being sous-vided in the meantime.

While we and other HVAC companies in the area offer emergency service that can get out to you faster, it can be cost prohibitive. So being proactive and thinking ahead can save you a big time headache. However, that’s not the only thing it can save!

Reason #2 – Price Savings

If you’ve ever bought a sweater in summer or a pair of flip flops in January, you’re already familiar with this concept!

Peak season for HVAC tune-ups and repair is the summer, and that’s also generally when prices hit their peak. From now until August, you can expect prices for an HVAC tune-up to increase steadily – it’s just simple supply and demand!

So to recap… waiting until summer to get your AC unit tuned will take longer, and it’ll likely be more expensive. Not ideal!

Get Ahead of the Heat – Schedule an AC Tune Up Today!

Save yourself the trouble this summer, and schedule an AC Tune up with Hoosier Indoor Air ASAP. Click here to schedule service, or you can always call us directly at (317) 466-7437.

Stay comfortable out there, guys!

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